Academic excellence

Over the years, we have always led a path of success in PLE.

Leading education service

We offer an all-round amazing experience. A good school adapts quickly to social change.


Cutting-edge teaching aids, We keep up with tech trends to maintain relevance in these smart times.

Get holiday work for your student during this period.

Primary Kindergarten


Cognitive tasks


Computer Labs

Creative Design




Your child will improve her creative skills as her brain will begin to develop the areas associated with creativity the more she is exposed to and works with creative things.

This helps your child to develop physical, artistic, social and public speaking skills. It also helps to improve a child’s memory and improvisation skills. Often, shy children become more confident and social through exercising their talents.

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Continue your child's learning at home.

Virtual classroom


Give your child a bright start


Train your children for the future generation

Facts that Make us Unique

We have grown to be trusted with chidren's futures to see them to excellence.

Proper facilities

From well-stocked libraries, computer labs, to state of the art sports facilities, we guarantee a solid mentorship, and a stay worth-while.

  • Spacious classrooms
  • State-of-the art computer labs
  • Sports grounds
  • Fully stocked library
  • Transport means
  • Utilities unlimited supply

Friendly and enthusiastic staff

We are professionals, we are experienced, we are parents, the care and training your child needs.

Creative development

With the changing trends, we strive to adopt to the patterns of the skillsets required and equip them with the necessary ability the create their solutions out of challenges

Prioritised Academics

Everything else comes second, we equip your child with the skills and mindset that assures relevance in this century.

Up-to-date syllabi

Our teaching is guided by National Curriculum Developent Center-endorsed syllabi.

Round-the-clock attention

Your child is assured safety and a feeling of care and love.

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25th October, 2019

Science Fair

Pupils showcase their abiliity to create and innovate. Join in on the adventure

25th February, 2020

Drama Day

Talent has been uncovered.